A Leader of Mexico’s Meat Industry Achieved Targeted Refrigeration Temperatures for Optimal Food Safety After Just One Year of Using GSE’s Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System

Meat is a delicate commodity. Our client, a top meat-producing business in Mexico, needed a reliable system for cold chain temperature monitoring in order to meet food safety standards and to deliver the highest quality product to customers.

The Situation

Our client wanted to ensure that the HVAC and refrigeration equipment in their butcher shops was operating within the temperature range necessary to deliver high-quality product and maintain food safety compliance.

The Solution

Key information gleaned from Viridis was assessed by a GSE engineer who specializes in HVAC and refrigeration.

The data was immediately relayed to our client’s maintenance team and continuous follow-up was provided, resulting in a 35% increase in HVAC efficiency, with average supply temperatures decreasing by 2°F.
GSE received notification each time the doors to walk-in coolers and freezers were opened by employees, triggering automatic shutoff mode.
The moment that prolonged shutoffs were detected, our engineers notified store personnel, leading to a 17% increase in freezer efficiency with the average freezer temperature going from 42°F to a cool 38°F.

In addition, the efficiency of cooler equipment increased by 5%, with average temperatures going from 38°F to 37°F.

The Success

With GSE, our client’s butcher shops were equipped with the optimal cold chain monitoring system, made possible by our Viridis hardware, the 24/7 Data Assessment Center, and a team of highly-skilled engineers, ready and waiting to provide real-time data on temperature fluctuations.

Our client not only benefitted from increased operational efficiency, they also saw a 14% increase in their energy savings.