GSE achieved with a Multinational Convenience Store chain, 15% in Energy Savings & optimal walk-in temperature control by implementing GSE’s technology and 24/7 monitoring services

A pioneer in the multinational convenience store contacted GSE regarding the monitoring and control of HVAC, walk-ins, and lighting for their Mexico locations. With several thousand stores worldwide, our client needed a reliable company for HVAC & walk-in monitoring and control to provide efficiency and quality control for their products.

The Situation

Our client wanted to ensure that the HVAC and refrigeration equipment in their convenience stores was operating within the temperature range necessary to deliver high-quality product and maintain food safety compliance.

The Solution

GSE installed Viridis BMS to monitor and control HVAC and Walk-in temperatures & control exterior lighting schedules to ensure operational efficiency.

Key information gleaned from Viridis was continuously assessed by a GSE engineer who specializes in HVAC and refrigeration.
The data was immediately relayed to our client’s maintenance team and continuous follow-up was provided, resulting in an 83% improvement in NSF standards.
GSE’s follow up includes helping the maintenance teams track every ticket using the customers maintenance platform software.

The Success

With GSE, our client’s convenience stores were equipped with optimal HVAC & walk-in monitoring systems, made possible by our Viridis hardware, the 24/7 Data Assessment Center and a team of highly-skilled engineers ready to provide real-time data
on temperature fluctuations.

Our client not only benefitted from increased maintenance efficiency, temperature control, they also
saw a 15% increase in their energy savings