About us

GSE is a local San Diego company that was founded when four San Diego State University students and a University of Pennsylvania engineer decided to take on the energy management sector together. This team of five has been family since 1998 when they founded GTEL, a large telecom company that enabled major businesses like Qualcomm, Samsung, Honeywell, and many more, to connect to the rest of the world. After meeting success in the telecom industry, the GSE team turned their attention towards the energy management sector. 

They knew that energy management systems were an effective way of providing savings to businesses but they noticed that customer service was woefully lacking. This left business owners mostly on their own to interpret energy management system data and to decide how best to implement changes, company-wide based on this new information.

The Gse Family

The GSE family founded the company with the goal of providing not only, smart and simple energy management technology to monitor and analyze utilities, maintenance, and operations, but to be there with you every step of the way when it comes to interpreting the EMS reports, offering energy solutions, and deciding how best to make daily operating procedures more efficient. Your company is unique. Instead of providing you with a one-size-fits-all maintenance schedule, we work out a customized plan that considers any pre-determined standards that your company may require.