Quick Service Restaurant

A leader in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry reached out to GSE for support. With the help of our state-of-the-art Viridis hardware, the GSE 24/7 Data Assessment Center, and our team of highly-skilled engineers, we designed a service model that specifically catered to the needs of our client. Over the span of the service, this customer has managed to improve temperatures in walk-in coolers and freezers, improve performance of 70% of its HVACs and reduce total facilities expenses by 30%. Total energy savings across locations averages 18% annually.

Casual Dining

A major corporation in the restaurant industry contacted GSE after they realized that excessive energy consumption and inefficient operational practices were plaguing their network of casual dining franchises.

GSE helped this company with our Viridis Building Management System (BMS) and monitoring service, managing to eradicate food spoilage, increase NSF compliance from 60% to 100% of walk-ins, improve A/C temperatures by 2.5° while reducing runtime by 21% and all the while saving over $600 per location per month.

Butcher Shop

Top meat-producing company in Mexico, needed a reliable system for cold chain temperature monitoring in order to meet food safety standards and to deliver the highest quality product to customers. With the GSE system in place, 85 walk-ins improved their temperature by 10.2°F, 35% of ACs improved their cooling efficiency, along with a 17% improvement in freezers. 32 walk-in coolers were repaired and improved their temperatures by 6°F. Total energy savings for this customer average 14% annually.

Convenience Store

Multinational Convenience Store chain achieved 15% in Energy Savings compared to 3% in their stores without our BMS. With the continuous follow-up by our engineering monitoring center, total walk-ins with NSF compliance improved from 33% to 83% with a 6°F decrease in temperature. Equipment runtime was reduced by 32%, extending compressor useful life without sacrificing product quality.